The phenomena commonly called “the Awakening” is the sudden birth or appearance of innumerable types of creatures or a sudden receipt of consciousness happening across the whole world. No one one knows what is causing this proliferation of consciousness, but it is having a profound impact on the stability and peace throughout the world.

In Calfon, people are constantly wary of raids from militant tribes from Lusem on the west and the ominous looming of vengeful Galbar to the east and south. The Awakening has spurred a call for answers and saftey from the King, Meling and his Council of Three. So far, those answers have been less than forthcoming.

In Galbar, the Awakening has spurred a crackdown on non-human species and an explosion of pro-human propoganda unlike anything seen since the War of Dragonfires. Many species are now second-class citizens at best, and those species directly tied to the Awakening are shunned by the general public and actively hunted in rural areas.

In Lusem the responce to the Awakening has been varied and diverse. Some smaller tribes have seen the emergence of new sentience as a gift from the Spirits or Gods and have embraced the Awakening wholeheartedly. Others see only demons posessing their prey and will hunt Awakened or non-Awakened alike. It is unknown what stance the Elder Council of Ekel has taken.


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