The Barrens

This desolate, scarred area between Calfon and Galt is the result of terrible magical skill and brilliantly ruthless military machinations taken to a level that shocked any soul not involved. The violence and gore witnessed on this collection of battlefields was so extreme that no soldier survived witnessing it without significant mental scaring.

The region is guarded and contained by a constant vigil of brave souls called The Order of Forgotten Sorrows.

It all started with a territory dispute over a few acres of prime harvest. It climaxed as the most destructive and magically fueled war in history, the War of Dragonfires. Only the power of Amheis and dwindling numbers of available conscripts could bring Galt and Calfon to the negotiating table. However, it was already too late for the Barrens. After the Dragon Accords were signed there were numerous attempts by both Galbar and the newly formed nation of Calfon to cleanse and reclaim the Barrens to no avail. In the end, the establishment of the Order of Forgotten Sorrows was finalized by an amendment to the Accords and a Great wall was erected around the Barrens to prevent the horrors within from leaking out into what little of the countryside there was left.


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