Ekel the World-Builder

The legend of Ekel, called the World-Builder, is the companion legend to the Calfon and Galbar legend of the Elven Appearance. They are remarkable in their similarity. Both tell of a civilization springing up overnight (though the humans appear in overwhelming numbers in this version) and both tell of an initial period of mutual prosperity.

This tale gives more detail about the subsequent falling out that led to the countries of Lusem and Galbar, though it is heavily biased in favor of the Lusemites. It centers around the great warrior and leader Ekel who unites the Elves against the encroachment of the Humans and leads the entirety of the population into the deep wilderness to start anew.

Depending on the version of the tale, Ekel leads his people numbering between 100,000 and 20.3 million into the wilderness either over the northern mountains and then south, or directly west between the Central Ranges. The prevalence of Ekel’s name in the northern regions suggests the former, but the route seems improbable due to the steep ridges and general inhospitabiliry of the mountains in the north.

The versions come together again at the founding of the city of Ekel on the shores of the great sea Parto-Brath. In every version, Ekel receives a great vision from some great power. Some say it was the Spirits of the Wood, some Erastil, still others name various sources connected to local gods. This vision tells him to seek “the Grandfather of Trees” and he will know this tree by its girth. After many months of searching, Ekel is weary and doubting. He reses against a tree growing along the shores of the water of some great sea. When he awakes, he attempts to walk around the tree as he has done to thousands of others. Suddenly, he steps into a different portion of the forest. With his hand on the trees trunk, he traverses what would become the cities of Ekel-Partokka, Ekel-Terem, Ekel-Taram, and Larbama, a distance totaling many hundreds of miles.

When he arrives back on the shores of Parto-Brath, Ekel plants his black-iron longspear, Tribulaton, in the stoney beach, founding the city of Ekel.

From that point on, Ekel earns the name World-Builder as he founds the other four cities (naming most after himself and he last, Larbama, after his only daughter) and successfully defies Galbarian encroachment through the effective use of difficult, unknown terrain and gurilla tactics.

He dies a hero, and is buried at the roots of the Grandfather Tree almost 500 years after his journey began.

Ekel the World-Builder

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