Mendar Forest

The Mendar Forest is the largest continuous mass of trees in the world, covering countless square miles of territory including over half the area of Lusem and a significant portion of the world in general.

Many vicious beasts are known to inhabit this wood. From bears to wolf packs to Dire beasts, every danger of the forest makes its home under the green leaves of this wood.

The Awakening has stirred a flurry of rumors connected to the forest. Everything from man-beasts to demons and angels have been reportedly seen in the trees on misty nights. This would be alarming even if most of the reports turned up no substantiating evidence, which many of them do have.

So far a werewolf, mutated bear, three minor demons, a mutilated angel, and a kind of flying head have all been confirmed by the local druids, hunters, and trappers.

Mendar Forest

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